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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

I got paid today and that is about the only good thing that happened. I’m rich now. I can pay my rent, pay all of my bills, buy food, and still have money left over with one paycheck. What am I going to do with all this money! Not going to pay my phone bill, that is for sure. I have this crappy phone called cricket. It sucks. There are no real human beings to talk to. My bill is due today and apparently if I don’t pay it by midnight they will shut my phone off. Oh well. No phone for me. I tried to pay it, really … it has ruined my entire day. I planned on going shopping after work. It never happened because I had to come home and call 100 stupid people.
I planned on paying my phone bill during my lunch break today. I went to the big cricket lounge down the street, and guess what. I can’t pay my bill there. WTF? What the hell is that huge building doing there? Collecting atmospheric dust I suppose. I tried to pay online. I only have $2.46 in my checking account, and my big wad of cash isn’t doing me any good since useless buildings that take up space do not take payments. I tried to pay by check but I have 14 different routing numbers, old checks, a new bank, and none of my routing numbers were working. By the way, I had called my bank last week to get the correct routing numbers so I could have my paychecks direct-deposited and the numbers they gave me weren’t working either. I tried to pay with my debit card but I kept getting some weird robot error voice. Again, humans do no exist in this business. They can only tell you that they CAN’T take your money, go give it to the automated robot. Hrmphh.
I don’t even know if they would shut my phone off but I’ve never paid my bill late before. I don’t really care because I plan on signing up with AT&T tomorrow, but I wanted to have my number transferred, which requires an active service with another provider.
My internet sucks too. Ever since all the college freaks moved back it has been slow and not working and shitty all over. Nothing works, my apartment is a mess because I quit cleaning about two weeks ago. Yes, I quit cleaning. My dishes are piled up, I quit making my bed, and I haven’t vacuumed in like a week. I don’t know what has cause my sudden regression into slobster again, oh well. Who cares. I’m the only one who has to live here. It seems that everything is in order when things are clean. Maybe if I clean my apartment everything will start working again. Hmmm …

Broke … seriously

Thursday, August 26th, 2004

Dear Higher Power:
I have no money. None. I’m broke. Please make my paycheck, come sooner. I am sorry that I bought toilet paper this month. I didn’t have any newspapers to resort to. I am sorry that I bought those cute coffee mugs at the dollar store. They were just so cool. I’m sorry that I bought food at the food store. I was hungry. I’m sorry that I bought those cute shoes. They were just so shiny. I’m sorry I paid my bills. People insist on stealing my money. I’m sorry I bought makeup. I have bags under my eyes. I blame you for that. I’m sorry that I bought breath-mints. My breath is stinky. I’m sorry I bought stationary. It was so pretty. I am sorry that I bought clothes. Unfortunately society will not accept my naked body when I venture into public.


Dear Checking Account:
I checked your balance this morning. There was only $9.00. I think that you mistook the comma for that measly decimal. And you forgot a few zero’s at the end. Please remedy this as soon as possible.


I’m not sure which letter will be more effective. Help.

LJ Entries now here

Sunday, August 22nd, 2004

After some weird issues I had with importing my LiveJournal entries I think I have everything sorted out. I now have entries from Sept, Oct, Nov 2003 as well as a few from Jan 2004. I also changed my archives to sort in ascending order rather than descending as they do on the main page. I guess this makes more sense if there is anyone out there that wants to see the story of my life unfolding in front of their eyes! I know that my LJ entries are basically dark, depressing, morbid, whiney, and just very very blah. But its part of my life, so feel free to go back and read them!
Lets talk about something exciting. Todd and I went to Eat’n’Park at the Waterfront tonight. Holy Crap. It is NOT Eat’n’Park. It is like huge and nice, and the waitress actually takes your money at the table. It is NICE. And we got a free appetizer because the one we ordered took forever. The manager even came out and apologized and said it would not be on our bill. Yay for free stuff. I talked to Al at Vento’s about my situation. He asked me to work a few nights. I said “ok”. He was supposed to call me back on Saturday and tell me when. He hasn’t called back yet and it is Sunday night. Guess I just won’t worry about it. Whatever.
I have to try to fix this mess I made now with my livejournal entries. Till next time. Bye!


Friday, August 20th, 2004

Why didn’t anyone tell me that I can’t spell? What happened to Miss. Spelling Bee Queen? Actually, I just realized that I forgot to put the “B” in (edited) in the “about me” section. That’s ok, though. I will be changing that soon, as soon as I find out about my other job. I’m still employed there. Don’t know if I’m going to be working there anymore or not.

Giving credit

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

I just thought I should give credit to the picture on my site that holds the URL title. This is actually a picture of “CAT”, my oldest cat who is now almost 11 years old. He is the sweetest cat in the world and he loves to sleep with his paw over his face. Awwww. My goal is actually to make a variety of pictures featuring all of the kitties in my life, and have them randomly selected as the display for my logo when someone goes to this site. If anyone knows how to do that, let me know. I currently have this picture upload from my stylesheet as a background image. So if there are any CSS wizards out there that have information on randomly generating different background images, please let me know. Or I’ll just figure it out myself whenever I have more time.

The beauty of my job

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

Work until 5:00 and home by 5:05! How about a big “YAY”!

Holidays that I am off next month:

Monday, Sept 6: Labor Day (three day weekend!)
Thurs. Sept 16, Fri. Sept 17:

Need Energy

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

I just bought a can of Red Bull since so many people I know claim that it works SO WELL! It it supposed to give you lots of motivation without getting jittery. I must be immune to energy because I drank the whole can well over a half hour ago and I feel nothing. If anything, I feel the same … or maybe more tired. I’m not sleepy tired, I’m just not motivated to do anything. I just want to lay on my couch and do nothing. I guess energy drinks don’t work when you drink 5 cups of coffee every single day. I have a horrible coffee addiction, I’ll admit it. It tastes good, it wakes me up, and I like it muches. If I had to go a day without coffee I think I would die. Or get a massive headache. No, probably just die. This is not good. I didn’t always drink massive amounts of coffee on a daily basis. Now I do. Working at a place that provided me with unlimited amounts of free coffee ALL DAY spoiled me and made me crazy coffee girl. Damn. What is next? Hmmm … maybe speed.

Protected: Job Stuff

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

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Saturday, August 14th, 2004

I’ve been a lot happier lately. I’m not even talking about the great news about getting a job, I was happy before that too. I thought about what had changed in my life, and all I could think of was the fact that I moved to a new apartment. My new apartment does make me happier, but I thought it had to be more than that.

I couldn’t even remember what I was always so pissed off about. Here is an excerpt from an entry that I posted on April 28th:

I think there is only like 6 things I have to complain about: roommates, living situation, laundromat, how much riding the bus sucks, how much it sucks to live in the ghetto, and how much I hate hair.

So apparently that is why my life sucked so much. Let’s see what has changed.

1. Roomates: Ha. I don’t have any. Apparently roommates suck. I like living alone.

2. living situation: Again, living situation has changed. I like living alone. Close to civilization, and by that I do mean civilization. Before I lived in a neighborhood of cavemen, or something close to cavemen.

3. laundromat: Ok, the laundromat problem REALLY sucked. I worked at Vento’s every day and my turnover in clothing usage was huge. It seemed that no matter how much laundry I did … there was always MORE! The worst thing about it was that there was nowhere close-by to do my laundry. Sometimes Todd and I would go to the laundromat together, but not that often. I don’t have a car to take my clothes to a laundromat, so either I lugged my laundry onto a bus … or I just had to wear dirty clothes forever. There was a laundromat up the street about 1/2 mile, but walking there with laundry was like impossible. So … I would have to take my laundry on the bus, and it REALLY sucked. Not to mention that it was the most ghetto laundromat in the world. I mean there were a good number of “normal” people there, but there was always that mother with 20 garbage bags of laundry and 8 kids, and you know that they ALWAYS bring ALL of their kids to the laundromat. It’s like the cool place to hang I guess. Now there is a laundromat right down the street from me, and Todd has a house now, so he very graciously lets me do my laundry there frequently. THANK YOU!

4. how much riding the bus sucks: Um … I don’t have to ride the bus nearly as much now. Well now I have to take a bus to work (hey! not anymore!), but I don’t need to ride the bus to get somewhere to buy like … tampons. I can get everything I need at stores in around here. Except groceries. My location really needs a grocery store.

5. how much it sucks to live in the ghetto: Well I can’t say I live in Beverly Hills or anything, but I feel much safer and comfortable in my new location.

6. how much I hate hair: The hair situation has cleared up. Especially since I actually brush my hair in the bathroom now. Before I did everything in my bedroom and everything was covered in hair. Now I can go to sleep at night, resting peacefully, not worried that I will wake up with hair stuck in my throat. (That never really happened, I was just joking).

So I guess that most of it was related to my shitty living situation. Not that it was ever horrible. I just felt like I had no privacy, EVER. Most of the time nobody was really there, but I never knew when someone was going to come home, or if the bathroom was going to be free, or if someone was going to walk in while I was trying to cook dinner. I hated sharing a kitchen with weird people. I always felt weird about cooking stuff.
I don’t know, I was just always mad about something. I think I was mad at myself because I just hated everybody and everything all the time. I fought with Todd constantly, for no good reason. I would get mad because he was doing something and I was stuck in a hole. I could never go anywhere at night because I would risk being abudcted by cavemen. The closest place to buy anything was at Sunoco, which has bullet-proof encasings around the cash-register area. I felt like I was a prisoner in my own bedroom because I feared that somebody gay would look at me or try to talk to me if I left my room. I just wanted to be somewhere else. I’m glad I’m not there anymore. I think I might have killed myself. So I guess I really was miserable and I wanted someone to save me from it.

I love clothes, shoes, and purses

Saturday, August 14th, 2004

I seriously can’t remember the last time I went into a department store and bought something new to wear. I mean something brand spanking new. Well about a month ago Todd picked me up from work and I smelled like garlic toast and it was like the hottest day of the entire summer. I was wearing jeans and I felt like I was going to puke all over them so we stopped at WalMart and I purchased a pair of shorts to wear so I didn’t have to walk around naked for the rest of the day (because I wasn’t going home). Before that, the last thing I bought was probably in December when I purchased a business suit-interview type outfit. Oh yeah, and last week Todd bought me another business suit … since I had to go to a lot of interviews at the same place and I didn’t want to look like I only had one outfit.
Clothes are so ridiculously expensive. When I was at the mall last week I was at JcPenny and they had this section called like “career girl” or something. It basically consisted of those 3/4 length button up shirts with collars. They were all really nice, but they were like $30 a piece. I go clothes shopping a lot. In fact everytime I get paid I tend to go on a clothes shopping spree. But my clothes shopping sprees occur at GoodWill and Avalon Exchange. GoodWill has a lot of nice dress pants, but they lack in cute tops. Avalon Exchange has some nice tops, but most of the clothes there come from all the size 0 girls around here so everything is really small.
Clothes-wise, I’ve been preparing for a career for months. Everytime that I felt depressed about not having a job I would go shopping and only buy really cute professional clothes. I guess I just hated coming home from work, always smelling like nasty garlic, and never having anything nice to wear. After working at a pizza shop for a year and a half, mostly everything I owned was stained, bleached, or really dirty looking. I’m going to rejoice in getting a few big garbage bags and throwing all of my clothes away. And I have a closet full of nice clothes to wear now! I’ve been saving them … hoarding them, just waiting to have an opportunity to dress up. Yesterday I bought a new pair of dress shoes at Avalon, for $6 dollars! They are awesome, however it does bring my count on “black dress shoes” up to 7 pairs, plus two pairs of dress sandals that are black, so total dress shoes that are black = 9. I have a shoe problem. I will buy shoes even if they don’t fit me. If they catch my eye, I have to buy them. I can’t help it. I love shoes. I really need a shoe rack though. I have two laundry baskets filled with shoes and the floor of my closet is lined with them too. And now I can actually wear EVERY SINGLE PAIR! At Vento’s, I limited my variety of shoes to only two pairs EVER. I will be throwing those away too because they permanently smell like butt juice. I’m not obsessed with sneakers though. If I have two good pairs of those, I’m fine. I’m just obsessed with sandlas, flip-flops, and dress-shoes.
I also love purses. It’s kind of weird too. I never ever carried a purse until I got a cell-phone, which was almost exactly a year ago. I never had anywhere to put my phone, so I decided I would have to carry a purse. But all purses I buy have to be purses that fit perfectly on my shoulder. I hate purses that have those long or adjustable straps on them. Like the ones that you can wear over your chest that bounce off your butt. I’m not all about purses that make me feel like I’m a walking seat-belt. Like a mini-messenger bag, I hate them. Anyways, the only purse I owned was this little blue purse that I think I got as a gift from Todd’s grandma. It wasn’t really my style, so I went out and bought a little black purse. Then I realized that my brown coat and my black purse looked bad together, so I bought a brown purse. Then I thought my black purse was too big so I bought another smaller black purse. Then I became obsessed so everytime I saw a cute purse I had to buy it. Now I have 11 purses. It’s terrible. But it does come in handy. For instance, my latest purse purchase was from Marshalls .. this really cute semi-pleather (but still cute) navy blue purse. So when I bought my second interview outfit, which was navy blue … I already had a purse to match it. I’m sure I got the job because I’m so color coordinated too. I mean, it is important.