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Nothing new

Saturday, July 31st, 2004

I will recap the latest happenings in my life, but it isn’t much, seriously. My birthday was great and I got lots of stuff, mostly money. I had to work on my birthday but that was ok because everyone bought me lottery tickets and my boss gave me some loot. I also got a surprise cupcake party at at work, with candles too! It was nice.

I am an idiot

Saturday, July 24th, 2004

I always have problems with my cable bill, I don’t know why. Between my stupidity and the cable company’s stupidity, nothing is ever right. Last time I had cable, they sent me this notice one day that said I hadn’t paid my bill in like 4 months and when I called they told me that my cable was being shut off or something. Except I did pay the bill every single time. Then I had to fax stuff to them to prove it. It was because I payed with bill-pay through PayPal, and they just forgot to record my payments or something. Oh well, I ended up getting a month of cable for free out of it.
So, I just moved here and got cable. I had paid for the first month of cable over the phone before they came and set it up. My first bill was due on July 7th. Well, stupid me went online to comcasts online paying place and paid the bill with my online account. When I signed in it said that my statement would be available after I made my first payment, so I wasn’t too concerned. But today I got a shut-off notice in the mail, and man was I pissed. So I went to my online account and was like “Yeah I paid”, but my statement still wasn’t there. Then suddenly a light bulb turned on inside of my stupid brain. OH! I paid a non-existent bill. I called Comcast and my worst fears were reaffirmed. Anyways, when I paid the bill and it posted to my old account which is closed. But it gets a little trickier. My old account is closed, but the phone number on it, which is probably still Julie’s wants to post to somewhere on Bigelow Blvd. Help!!! So the money is just hanging out in space. GRRR. It isn’t that hard to fix, but she told me the accounting department will probably get mad and not understand. Oh well, it is my fault. I was the stupid one this time. I shouldn’t have assumed that if I just went online and paid my bill, that they would magically figure out where it was supposed to go. It is ok when I cause my own aggravation and make someone else deal with it … but if it is the other way around, well then you are a fat whore and I want to see your fat ass run over by a truck. Ha!

Midnight Cappuccino

Wednesday, July 14th, 2004

Mmmm … Todd picked me up from work tonight with a warm cup of tasty cappuccino waiting for me in his cup holder. Not the best thing to drink at midnight but caffeine doesn’t have any effect on me anymore. It is like being addicted to pain-killers or something because when I have it I function normally, but without it I get severely crabby. I’m not addicted to pain-killers though so don’t worry.
I hate my job. I have decided that August 8th will be my last day of work ever. If I don’t find a new job by then, I will just live off of crumbs and garbage until I find one. August 8th is the first day of my two week vacation from work, and I have no intentions of going back afterwards. Even if I don’t find a cool job, if I can find another one that pays the same as the one I have now, I will take it. That shouldn’t be too hard though since I don’t make any money there anyways. Even if I got a job that paid minimum wage and gave me 40 hours a week, I would probably make more than I do now … well probably not, but who cares. I need some diversity in my life. Every time I get a raise at work it seems like I get less and less hours. It is a dirty little trick and they seem to think I don’t know what is going on. They give the new people who make like 6.25 all the hours, and they give me none because if I work a lot then they have to pay me more. Done ranting about that now.

Now lets talk about the dirt-bags that live in this city and how they all need to die. In May, my friend at work had her car stolen. She is a single mother of a 5-year old, she works, and she goes to school. Her son’s father is in prison in Kansas and her parents are losers. So she is on her own trying to make a good life for her and her son. When she got her tax return in April she bought a car for $800. It was a nice little dodge neon. She had it for two weeks before it was stolen. She has been in a serious depression for like two months and I think she just feels like there is no hope in the world anymore. She finished school last month but needed an internship in order to graduate. The school that she goes to is supposed to guarantee her one, but they didn’t. And I know she put effort into it too. However, sometimes when you have a lot of responsibilities its hard to find enough time in the day. Well, today the police found her car. Today a woman came into work and they got to talking and the woman said she might be able to help her out with an internship. Two hours later the woman called back and said she had it if she wanted it. Today she got a check in the mail from her school, a big refund she wasn’t expecting. Her car is ok, but the tires are flattened. But now she can get new tires, and she has a car, a job, she is going to graduate … and it all happened in one day. This gives me hope, and keeps me believing, that even when the going gets tough, just have faith that everything will turn out ok.

Goodnight Everyone, smile

It’s really late

Wednesday, July 7th, 2004

I need to go to bed now. I was having too much fun redesigning though. Check out the cool cat girl at the bottom. I stole the picture from some website. Oops, don’t eat me please. Anyways, I still need to finish up a bit, but this is basically going to be my new design. Woohoo, I redesigned in less than 4 hours! Must sleep now. Bye!