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Sunday, May 30th, 2004

My stomach is fat and I look like I am pregnant. I need to do some serious stomach fat loss. It isn’t noticible when I wear my dumpy t-shirts for work, but tank-tops … forget it. I look like a weeble. I have provided that link for those of you who are unfamiliar with weebles. This completely befuddled me at first, because HELLO, Weebles, fun toys of the 80’s? Are we not 80’s children here people? Well, after some research I found that weebles were actually really popular in the 70’s, and in the 80’s weebles transformed from the cool little hand-crafted ones to the ugly ones with goofy and sesame street characters. Anyways, mine were still people, not disney or sesame street. Guess my weebles were the transition ones. I had the weeble airport and the weeble ranch! Does noone remember. Anyways, check out this site. It has the best weebles and weeble accessories!
Anyways, I was saying that I look like a weeble. Got a little sidetracked and I apologize for that. I have this new channel called Fit TV. I am going to work out to the TV. Not really. Most of the shows are bad. I just really really really really really want the Urban Rebounding system. Sad. Ok, time to stop sitting around cause I feel my tummy growing!

Feeling loser-ish

Friday, May 28th, 2004

Right now it is Friday night, I’m already bored with obsessing about my new apartment, and there isn’t a soul in the world who is around to hang out with me. Just one of those days that I don’t feel like being alone. Todd is going out to have fun with people. I can’t go cause its like the guys or something. Either that or he has a hot date with some girl and I bet I don’t belong there either. I have no friends. I’m not very cool. I’m lonely. I feel like crying. I need someone to laugh with. Oh well. If you want to hang out with me, I’m here.

I guess I really like ketchup

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

I’m cleaning my carpet. I bought a carpet cleaning kit from Home Depot that is supposed to clean carpet via sprinkly stuff and a vacuum. But it only works if you scrub the sprinkly stuff into the floor with soapy water, a scrub brush, and a lot of manpower. I was dumb to believe that there was really any other way. So much for the concept of “dry cleaning”.
My anxiety has come back again. The last time I had it I thought that there was something wrong with my leg because it always felt numb and I kept my toes scrunched all day long. I am not having that problem this time, now I just feel like I am going to die. Yesterday when I went to Home Depot I thought I was going to die there. I got dizzy and hot, and I thought my heart was exploding inside of me. I just needed to sit down, but there was nowhere to sit. It passed and I was able to buy the stuff I needed but then it came back at work. I screwed up two pizzas because I couldn’t concentrate. It was just like everything was fuzzy and not real. When I was at Home Depot, I thought I forgot something for the carpet so I went the whole way back to the carpet section and I realized it was actually in my hand the whole time. Just a few minutes ago I opened the refrigerator and I found a clean plate with a big pile of ketchup on it. But I remember doing it! I just don’t know when or why I did it. I know that I must have done it in my sleep, and even funnier … I don’t even have any food here that I would eat with ketchup. I remember doing it because I remember that when I did it I thought “well I will just put this in the refrigerator because I don’t want to waste this big pile of ketchup”. I obviously wasn’t thinking at all because I really don’t think I was going to funnel it back into the ketchup bottle at some later point in time. It is kind of funny I guess. I am feeling better today though. I think it is this new apartment and the fact that I have some underlying fear that I am going to die here all by myself and nobody is going to find me. I am not going to freak out and go to the doctor and demand that he/she tell me that something is wrong with me. Last time I made the doctor check my leg so she listened to my leg pulse and checked my reflexes. Then she told me I was crazy and sent me over to counseling. I know I am crazy. I don’t need anyone else to tell me. So I’m just going to go scrub my carpet some more and try not to think about anything.

I heart my apartment

Friday, May 21st, 2004

My apartment is cool. My bathroom was fixed today. It had a leak and a rotting cupboard. The leak was fixed, the ceiling was replaced, and I got a new cupboard that smells like the inside of Home Depot. Mmmm … the smell of new stuff … I like it! Ummm … I have to clean A LOT. I got a swiffer wet-jet. I love it. Everything is clean, I just need to organize. My bathroom is pretty much done, as is the kitchen, and soon my closet and dressing room will be too. Oh and my bedroom is almost done too. That leaves my living room … a big heap of boxes. Blah. I think I will just throw all of my stuff away. I have more stuff than the average person. My landlord thinks I am hiding someone in here. He expressed concern that I am lying about living here by myself. However, he has been here for the past two days unattended, so he has had plenty of time to snoop and realize that I am not housing spanish refugees here. It is ok because he is really old and cute. Did you ever notice that old men are cute but old women are nasty? Too bad I’m a woman. If I live to be old I will be nasty also. At least according to me. Haha. Saturday is my two year anniversary with Todd. Woo-hoo! Congrats to us! Todd is playing a wedding and I am going out. What a way to spend 2 year anniv! Oh well. I decided that we will celebrate later in the week with one of my famous home cooked meals. I have not cooked dinner for us since I moved from my apartment in the land of Oaks. That is because I lived in the weird house with no kitchen table. I hated cooking there because people were always snooping around my food and I had to eat in my bedroom. Poop on that. I have a kitchen and a really awesome kitchen table! Yay. I will post pictures of my apartment as soon as I get finished cleaning which will hopefully be done by Sunday night. Ok, time to continue cleaning. Bye!

Mmm … TOFU

Monday, May 17th, 2004

Yesterday was the big moving day and everything went as planned, even better than I had expected. The Uhaul was the right size this time. I love it when I reserve a little Uhaul far far in advance, and then when I go pick it up they are like “Here is a really big one, sorry!” I think that the Uhaul people think that it is fine if it is bigger than the one you reserved because that is like free space! Yeah, free space for all of my stuff to bounce around and break! I’m rambling. Anyways … so the Uhaul was 10-foot. We got it at 11:30. We moved. We un-moved it from the Uhaul. We had the Uhaul back by 1:45. Jaime, Jared, and my parents helped. Todd had church and planned on helping but by the time he would have made it there we would have been done, which we were. My brother wouldn’t get out of bed to come help … JERK.

Anyways, my new apartment is great besides a leak in the bathroom and the fact that my mail key does not seem to work in my mailbox. The leak is getting fixed though. I don’t know about the key thing. I tried to call the girl that had the apt. before but some dude answered her phone and was mean. Ok … so I guess I have to go bother the old italian people now. FUN! Oh yeah and my oven smells like burning animals when I turn the burners on. It’s electric and I think I just need to wipe the crusties out of the coils.

Ummm … oh yeah! I ate tofu yesterday for the first time! It is o-k I guess. Jaime, Jared, and I went to the Zenith House Sunday Brunch on the South Side which is like an all vegetarian buffet. I’m all about that because I like non-meaty things. But the entrees’ were all weird. Jaime got the coconut pancakes with pina-colada syrup or something. Jared got a black-bean burger. I got the BBQ Tofu sandwich. I couldn’t eat all of it because it was really big and … well it was kind of funky. I guess it just tasted like blubbery chicken or something. Weird stuff. The rest of the buffet was really good though. I ate the salad and the pasta salad. There were a lot of weird things on the buffet too, and I tried some stuff and didn’t really like any of it. There were grape leaves with rice inside (YUCK). They had brocolli and other nasty veggies (YUCK). Then there was a huge dessert tray with every single cake in the world. I was really really full from all that tofu though so I opted out on the dessert.

I have to go to the dollar-store now to buy a strainer since I think I left mine at my old apartment and it was nasty. I have stuff to make pasta salad and I want to eat some right now. Aghbafgha!!! I love cable. Ducktales just came on! I haven’t seen Ducktales since I was like 12! Launchpad … I heart you!!!

I’m boring

Thursday, May 13th, 2004

I ended up not getting cable today because I had to work. I’m really happy that I got a raise last week and my hours were cut this week. I am sure its all a conspiracy. Pay me more and make me work shitty 4 hour shifts. Meanwhile, you can pay other people less and make them work more. I need a new job right now. I am supposed to call some lady back about a job. She is gone now, so I’ll call her tomorrow. I’ll let you know if anything happens. Now I can’t get cable and internet until Monday but that is fine because that is only one day I will be sad, and I am sure I will be busy moving, unpacking, and organizing on Sunday.
There is a new girl at work. I like it when Al hires girls because there are definitely more boys than girls. When I work the evening shift I am always the only girl unless Jackie is there, which is about never. During the day Shera and I are the only girls. The new girl is pretty cool so far. Her name is Toni and she lives near me. Well for the next 3 days anyways, PS I’m moving since I haven’t made that abundantly clear in the last entries. She is 27 and she grew up around here. That is all I know. She is working lottery and is replacing the girl who just quit. Her name was Joni (haha they rhyme). Joni was psychotic though, and she was old. I don’t like old women. She was like 48, but she acted like she was 4. She ran around and bossed everyone around, and she would always come over and eat the burnt dried cheese off of the pizza trays. It was kind of gross. Anyways, one day she didn’t come to work and then the next day she quit. Today Toni was like an hour late. Not too impressive on your third day of work. It seems like Al hires people and then they just don’t show up. If I got a new job, I would be obsessive about being on time, actually I am still obsessive about being on time to work, and I’ve worked there for over 1 year.
Since I’ve worked at Vento’s I think I have only been late 3 or 4 times. One time I was an hour late because someone broke into Todd’s car when he stayed over at my apartment. But I definitely called and was like “yeah this is what is happening”. One day I slept in until like 11:30 and I was supposed to be there at 11 …. and I lived far away. Oops. And two times I was like 10 minutes late. I have worked there for over a year, and I have worked every single day for the last 6 months. I think I’m pretty reliable. I just don’t get some people. Maybe I am just obsessive about being on time, but its one of those things that I just HATE. Not just work … anywhere. I HAVE TO BE ON TIME. Unless I am meeting my friends or something. Then I really don’t care.
I’m going over to my new apartment now to unpack some things and get my kitchen in working order … and I might buy a few groceries. BYE.

It has been sooo long!

Tuesday, May 11th, 2004

Right now I am watching Roseanne … YES I am watching Nick@Nite AGAIN! The cable magically came back today. Neato — but after tomorrow it won’t matter. The cable dudes are coming to my new apartment on Thursday morning to hook up my cable, so I have to take my TV over there soon. And I’m moving in 4 days!! I can actually live there now … I mean it is mine now. But my stuff is not there, so I am not there. Now I just need a good job … that is top on my list of things to accomplish. I don’t want to be poor all summer and have no fun. I want to go to Kennywood and go to all the festivals and have money to spend. I want money damnit. LOTS OF MONEY! Short update, but I’m going to go now cause I’m tired.

I’m going to puke

Monday, May 10th, 2004

I picked up my phone to call my mom to ask her to look for my bathroom rugs so she can bring them on Sunday if she finds them. I glanced down at my floor and saw about ten thousand ants! When the weather got warmer I noticed some ants around the floorboards by my bed. It freaked me out because I was afraid that they were going to crawl on me in my sleep. So I sprayed almost an entire can of aerosol glass cleaner down there. I thought I had solved the problem becasue I didn’t see anymore ants. I think that they were hiding somewhere, rebuilding their army … just waiting for the right moment to attack. Aaaah! I ran to my vacuum cleaner and vaccumed fiercely until I didn’t see them anymore. I hope that they did not survive the vacuum, I really hope they don’t start crawling out of it! I am SOOO glad that I am moving. Everytime I move, I notice that the same thing happens. The week before I move, more disgusting things happen to make me want to move even faster. Almost every day something else happens to piss me off and make me thing “what the hell would I do if I wasn’t moving soon?” Its pretty funny. Anyways … I’m getting cable internet and cable TV this Thursday! Yay! But my TV HAS to be there on Thursday. I am getting digital cable because the cable + internet combo is 49.95 for the first three months. After that I definitely have to downgrade to something else because they said my bill is going to go up to $90 a month. That is stupid. Todd is helping me move some stuff over Wednesday, so I guess I’ll take my TV, DVD player, and my VCR because the lady said that they would hook it all up for free. That is good because digital cable boxes confuse me and I’m sure I’d never figure out how to hook up my DVD player and VCR. The big move is on Sunday and so far I have 6 helpers including myself. I’m pretty excited. Well I have to go because I am imagining that ants are crawling up my legs and I am going to throw everything in my room away and throw boiling water all over the floor. Have a great day!

Keys Keys jingle jangle

Friday, May 7th, 2004

Yay! I got the keys to my new apartment today, so its officially mine now! I want to go over and hang out there right now but its raining and disgusting so I’m going to wait until tomorrow. Instead, I am going over to Todd’s to help him clean his new house and stuff. We are also going to eat some good food somewhere. This means that he had better help me too when I move!

I smell like a toasty garlic pizza right now … ewww. I am also wearing good clothes because I just got back from Walt’s funeral which I had to go to directly from work. I did not want to go up and say my peace, but I did anyways. It did not look like him, well it did … it was just really weird. The last funeral that I went to was my grandfather’s. He was sick for a long time and we knew it was coming. When I went up to see him, I guess that I felt that it was normal because he had been sick, and when he was sick, he wasn’t the grandfather that I had known my entire life. I guess I had prepared myself to see him like that at the funeral. But Walt was lively, funny, and completely himself right up to the last time I saw him … about 10 hours before he died. Seeing him laying in a casket, it was like I expected him to sit up and be alive again. Weird, I know. I’m not good at explaining the strange things in this world, so I am going to stop now. Later all.

ISO: Cold Beverage

Thursday, May 6th, 2004

It is hot today, and I could sure go for an ice cold beer. Mmmm …. I don’t have any beer though. Oh well. So here’s what is going on boys and girls. I’m going to Walt’s funeral tomorrow after work. That means I am going to have to spend a good part of the night hunting for something suitable to wear. Not fun. Kali is bringing the keys to my soon to be apartment to me tomorrow. I signed the lease and paid the rent on Monday by the way. Woo hoo! My Uhaul is reserved for May 16th and I’m ready to rumble. On a side note, I was also informed of a mandatory work meeting the same day at 3:30. Not sure how that is going to work out but I won’t complain about that right now because I got a raise today. Yeah! Now I’m officially going to be rich (not). Seriously I need a new job, but if I keep getting raises I might just stay there forever (again … not).
I’m trying to get all geared up for summer, and my goal is to look hot in a bikini, but I don’t think that will ever happen unless I workout. I’ve lost a ton of weight in the past year. During my panic attack/anxiety stage I found solace in large bags of potato chips, pierogies, spaghetti, pasta-roni, and many cans of pepsi. That stuff is no longer in my diet … I just need to kick the hot-cheetos fetish I have now. But they are sooooo tasty! Jaime offered me a free pair of khakis the other day except that they were a size 4. I looked at them and was like, um yeah these won’t fit. However, she insisted I try them … and they (almost) fit. I was still surprised though. My big problem is my hips and my stomach. My butt is all about a size 4, but my hips are definitely all about a size 6. This also causes me to have a sagging butt problem with almost all of the pants I try to wear. My hips and butt are not proportional to each other and because of my hips I end up wearing pants that are too big in other areas (as mentioned already, my butt). Enough about my bum now. Time to go do something else, like eat a lot of food! Bye now, have a great day!