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Seven years of bad luck

Thursday, April 29th, 2004

I broke a mirror today. Not like a little compact mirror, I mean a huge full-length mirror! Maybe its good luck if you break a big mirror. I haven’t had any bad luck so far, so we’ll see. Last night I got this crazy idea that I was going to trim my hair myself. I am sick of spending $20 for a hair-trimming that needs done once a month. I needed two mirrors so I could see the back of my head so I sat in front of my closet door mirror and I propped my other full length mirror against my computer chair. Cut Cut Cut. It went ok. I just trimmed it. My scissors weren’t very sharp though so it was kind of like I was just hacking off pieces of my hair. When I woke up this morning I wanted to check my email to see if the cigarette whores emailed me back. Another story: I purchased two cartons of cigarettes online for like $40 and they never came. I was emailing them to find out what the deal was. Anyways, out of habit I just sort of grabbed my computer chair, forgetting about the mirror. It went crash right on top of my computer tower and shards of glass flew everywhere. I went “aaaahhhh!!!” and I covered my eyes for about 30 seconds, sitting completely still, hoping that I had just imagined it. I didn’t imagine it so I just ignored it and proceeded to check my email. The cigarette whores did email me back and they said that my purchase was returned to them because of an error on their part and they would either resend them or refund my debit card. Also they said they would send me a free carton of cigarettes for my inconvenience. I chose to have the refund and the free carton. The cigarettes come from Russia and Todd bought some regular Marlboro Reds Russian style from a friend and he says they are fine. But he heard that the menthol ones aren’t very menthol-y, so I will try them out first. Damn Russians!! Hahahaha. So that was actually really cool news — free stuff! No bad mirror news. And in other news, it was beautiful today and I went out and got myself a hefty sunburn! Yay! Time to watch soap operas then go to work. Have a nice day!

You yelled at me enough

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004

Ok, I’m sorrrrry that I haven’t updated, but hey! — it is my journal, my website, and I have no binding contract to do anything with it! Sometimes I sit down here and I start writing, but there is sooo much I want to write. I have thousands of drafts saved … I just never finish them. I am usually ranting about something but when I go back and read it later I decide that I was just a little insane at that point. I guess I should just publish everything. I’m sure that everyone would be really thrilled to hear about how I hate the laundromat and think that there should be a limit on the amount of children allowed inside at once (or a limit on the amount of children that ghetto mama’s are actually allowed to conceive). How many times do you think I have complained about the same things over and over and over? I think there is only like 6 things I have to complain about: roommates, living situation, laundromat, how much riding the bus sucks, how much it sucks to live in the ghetto, and how much I hate hair.

In order to resolve the above situation, I am going to have to find new things to hate. Any suggestions?

Anyways, today’s topic is going to be all about what has been going on in the last month + some days since I have updated.

So … last time I updated was after a trip to FC for some good ol’ fun with the family and the cats. I don’t think anything else happened in March. Sorry. Let’s see …. Easter. Oh Easter was fun. My mom told my grandma that she was going to visit me on Easter at my apartment (of course a lie to get out of having to hang out with her mother on Easter). P.S. My mother is cruel. Anyways, so like a week before Easter my grandma calls and is like so where are you guys going on Easter? I’m like, huh … your house? My mom failed to call me and tell me the fake plan, so I kind of screwed it up. Oh well, her problem for lying. So on Easter I went to FC and I went out to eat with my parents and brother to this restuarant called 1844. The meal was over $100 for 4 of us, and there was only like 6 things to choose from on the menu. I got prime rib. I asked for it to be well-done. It was pink. I tried to pretend to enjoy it. It was kinda nasty. Afterwards I visited my grandma and she gave me some gifts.
Ok, now its the day after Easter and I’m back on the Big Blue boat (aka castle on Stanton Ave aka my house). Dude apparently is not paying bills. Our cable was shut off on Monday. Phone never stops ringing. Equitable Gas put a shut-off notice on our front door. They put one there every day. There was three of them on the door this morning. Yeah, so I don’t know what is up but I can’t live in a house with no cable and no gas! Luckily I still have internet and electricity. FYI, I don’t pay any bills here … my landlord is responsible for paying gas, electric, cable, internet, phone … etc. Oh God, I wish he would just quit paying the phone bill. The phone never stops ringing. Today I turned the volume off on the answering machine. I wish I could shut the ringer on the phone off too. Its driving me freaking nuts.
Anyways, as luck would have it my friend knew someone who needed someone to take over her lease. Same price, my own place, very cute and completely furnished! Even has a microwave! So … I’m moving … AGAIN!!! I talked to my landlord the other day and told him I was moving. I felt bad, but things around here aren’t normal (like they used to be) and I don’t want to find myself seriously needing a place in a few months. I could have stuck it out a while longer, but I really can’t pass up the deal on this apartment. If I wait I might not be able to find anything this cheap and nice.
So here are the stats on my new apartment (lets not jinx me … I haven’t signed the lease yet!) It is pretty much a done deal, I just have to wait for the girl to call me and go sign the lease. Anyways, like I said Land of Oaks, one bedroom, furnished, $400/mo, includes gas & electric. Sounds good to me.

PROS: Closer to more transportation, laundry across street, furnished, many stores in walking distance, lots of people around so I don’t have to fear my life if I go out at night, bars close by, two blocks from Wendy’s yay!, more privacy, cute, big, all mine!

CONS: Parking sucks, crowded area, basement apartment, no bathtub, will be subject to ambulance and police sirens, people upstairs apparently have loud parties occassionally.

That is all I can think of. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I’m sick of living in the ghetto. Highland Park is not the place for a white girl like me. Ooh I called myself a white girl. Well if its ok for black people to constantly say that they are black, then its ok for me to say I’m white!

Hey I think its time to watch TV on one of my 3 fuzzy channels. I have to hook up my makeshift clothes hanger antenna again because it fell down.