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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004

Life is exciting. I need something to look forward to. It seems like everyone is making plans for something exciting. Some are getting married, some are going on vacation, and others are buying houses or visiting long lost friends. I’m looking forward to going grocery shopping tomorrow and buying a heat-sink fan somewhere. I’m looking forward to nicer weather and getting in better shape this spring. I’m boring.
Todd and I went to see 50 First Dates at the Waterfront on Friday. I really enjoyed it. Very funny! Go see it. I also went home to FC after work on Saturday to hang out. I visited with my family and my cats and then I visited my grandma to cheer her up. She’s sad because my uncle went to jail and she thinks she is a failure as a mother or something like that.
I also got suckered into fixing the damn computer again. This computer was actually my first computer that I bought for myself when I first went to college, but it ended up becoming my brothers computer and now it breaks a lot. This time was pretty bad though. The power-supply died. It got fixed, but then the hard-drive would only work if you layed the computer down on its side. I replaced the hard-drive but after more strange noises and an inspection by Todd I was told that the fan on the heat-sink is also broken. I think it just broke though because it wasn’t making that noise earlier today! I wanted to fix it for myself … just because I like the computer (we have a special bond) but my dad wants it for something. My brother already ordered a new snazzy computer, so I don’t know why he wants to deprive me of this awesome computer that wasn’t even considered top of the line in 1999 when I bought it with my hard earned money. But I also have my family’s old computer from 1998 (the HP Pavilion WalMart special). Its mine now.
I’m at a loss for anything else to say. Here are some pictures I took in FC this weekend. Enjoy.

Joe (my bro) and I posing happily in the pink kitchen.

Nine (my kitty) is very happy to be hanging out with me! He is just afraid of the camera (and my brother sucks at taking pictures).

This is my mother, in deep crossword puzzle concentration. She’d kill me if she knew I posted this pic … good thing you don’t know how to turn on the computer mom!

Gettin’ Snippy wit’ it.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

I got my hair chopped off today. Literally … chopped by an angry hair-stylist who kept stating that she needed to sharpen her scissors while fighting with a co-worker. Why do I always get the crazy hair-people!! Anyways … here is a picture of it. Whoo!

Run me over BUS, I dare you.

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004

My dad told me that it is imperative that I find some type of medical insurance just in case I get run over by a bus. It’s not really funny, because it could happen. Not likely, but still possible. Anyways, I do think it is important to have some type of insurance just in case. I don’t have any life-threatening problems that I know of, but if I break my leg I could end up owing the hospital like thousands of dollars.
I think its really stupid that medical expenses are so high. Last year I had an anxiety attack and I called 911 around 5am. I seriously couldn’t breathe and I thought that I was having a heart attack. The ambulance service charged like $500 to drive 1.5 miles. Then I sat in a cubicle for about 2 hours and the doctors saw me for about 15 minutes at the most. There were no tests done, no blood taken, and no machines hooked up to me. I think the cost was still $300. So $800 for nothing. Luckily my health insurance covered all of it that time. Now that I have no health insurance I guess I’ll just suffocate and die next time I can’t breathe.
So my dad insisted that I apply for medical coverage through the county assistance program (aka welfare) so I applied. I applied online and never sent any of the stuff that I was supposed to send. Then I got a letter in the mail that said I had an appointment for an interview. OK. It was this morning at 9:00. Blah. I went. There were a lot of gross people and it really smelled there. I had to bring stupid stuff like pay-stubs, bills, bank-statements, a copy of my lease, and a rent-receipt. Well, yesterday I realized I had none of the above. I pay all of my bills online, my bank-statement is online, and I don’t have a lease. So I just printed all of my online statements, and asked Ron to write something for me. I came home from work last night and he left me this really nice letter about what a good tenant I was. Geez, made me blush a little, but I don’t think the welfare office was looking for a letter of recommendation! At least I know who to go to when I need one.
The welfare lady told me that I don’t qualify for medical coverage because I make too much money. Apparently I have to make less than $2500 in one quarter of a year. Seriously, I make no money at all. But the lady sure made it look like I was rich! However, I do qualify for like $50 a month in food-stamps. Well I didn’t even apply for food-stamps. I’m not going to starve, like I’m not that poor. She told me that my application was already processed and I already have a card so I might as well use it. It’s like they are trying to make people take stuff from them. I would think that they would try to discourage people from taking advantage of public welfare and go out and get a life. Oh well. Guess I will just go get some food with my food-stamps and maybe on my way home I’ll get hit by a BUS. Now wouldn’t that be my luck.