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Sunshine in February

Sunday, February 29th, 2004

It has been a nice weekend and I am very happy for that. Unfortunately I spent most of that time at work. Really, its just in my head … that the day is over at 3:00. That is what time I am done with work. I walk outside, feel the fresh air, the sunshine beating down, and I feel happy. I walk home, walk into my house, and come into my bedroom. Its usually about 3:30 and I think to myself “well, the day is over.” In reality there is still a few hours of sunshine left that I could definitely take advantage of. I guess I just feel like a beautiful day is wasted if it doesn’t start by 1PM. Right now it is already 2PM but I’ve already been outside today. And its beautiful. I’m going to finish my grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup and head out to Highland Park. Later tonight Todd and I might go to Mt. Washington to watch the sunset. Speaking of … I need to find out what time the sun is going to do the setting. Well KDKA says the sun sets at 6:10PM, guess I was way off. I thought it was like 7:30. Well I must be dumb because I clearly remember it being dark around 6:45 last night. Oh well. Hope everyone has a nice day!
Oh yeah, and Happy Leap Day … see ya in 2008!!

Big Blue House

Wednesday, February 18th, 2004

Sometimes I feel like I live in a boarding house. Since I have moved into this house about 6 months ago I have acquired two new roommates and lost two. The good thing about it: I now have my own mailbox on the answering machine … I’m #2. I doubt I’ll ever make it to #1 on the mailbox because the owner is #1 and if he decides to move out he’ll probably take his answering machine with him.
I live with three guys and I thought it was going to be a pig-pen around here. To my surprise, this is the cleanest place I have ever lived. Surprise! Not all guys are pigs. I know that Todd keeps his place clean, but I thought he was just weird. So, back to the boarding house issue. See, here in the big blue house on Stanton Ave, roommates do not talk much to one-another. We are not a fun community/family here. Not that I mind, really. I like it that way.
I live in a four-bedroom house, with a kitchen, a living-room, a bathroom, and a huge-ass basement that scares me. I have three male roommates and sometimes they scare me too.

Roommate 1: 23 year old white male.
He is the owner of the house and is trying to make a living on Real Estate and construction.
Upside:He is tall, medium brown hair, quite good looking. He is extremely nice and he keeps the house well stocked with toilet paper, paper-towel, cleaning supplies, and garbage bags. Not to mention fast-internet, and super-cable.
Downside: I’m afraid he is going to lecture me for not going to church on Sunday. Christian all the way, loves God too much. Listens to God music, listens to God radio, watches God TV.

Roommate 2: 22 year old black male.
He moved in about a month after I did. He goes to grad school.
Upside: Not here much, keeps to himself, 99% sure he is gay so I don’t have to worry about being molested.
Downside: Always closes the bathroom door and makes me think someone is in there. Talks loudly on his cell-phone and says “Oh my Gawd girlfriend” way too much.

Roommate 3: 22 year old white male.
He moved in last month. Goes to ITT Tech, works at Taco Bell.
Upside: He talks to me (first talking roommate). He also understands how much it sucks to not have laundry facilities here.
Downside: Buys 40 frozen Banquet dinners at once and monopolizes the freezer. (Hello, they are always 10 for $10 … no need to buy so many!). He is scary and people call for him at 4am. He is from Mississippi and talks weird. He gets mad a lot. He yells a lot. He is definitely NOT hot. I might get ill if I accidentally saw him naked. Doesn’t make living with guys more fun.

Roommate 4: (yes I’m critiquing myself!) 22 year old white female.
She graduated from college and she works at a Pizza shop.
Upside: Quiet, doesn’t complain, has a lot of kitchen supplies.
Downside: Leaves TV on all night long, Alarm clock goes off every 10 minutes for hours, leaves bags of bread on kitchen table until green, smells like pizza.

HOUSE: Big blue house on Stanton Ave.
Upside: Clean, warm, spacious bedrooms, good water pressure, clean bathroom, toilet flushes nicely, free cable, free internet, free heat, free water, free phone, free garbage, free toilet paper! Free free free rocks.
Downside: No kitties allowed, no laundry on-site, doors never locked, always bugs in the kitchen sink(in the summer) hmmm … guess that is it.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Highland Park/East Liberty.
Upside: There are trees on my street and squirrels in my yard. My street is quiet. I don’t hear sirens 24/7 anymore, in fact I don’t think I ever hear sirens.
Downside: Where do I begin! I live in “da hood”. A few months ago someone was shot and killed only a few feet from my front porch. It is definitely not somewhere to be out and about at night. The neighborhood Sunoco down the street has a sign that says “No hoods please, thank you in advance”, and you have to pay for your merchandise through a bullet proof encasing around the cash-registers. Livin’ in da ghetto, whoo!

Photographer I am

Sunday, February 15th, 2004

I will have my photos section of my page up soon, but in the mean time here is a picture that I took with my webcam today. Yeah, I’m working on becoming a professional photographer … look at that smashing profile image of me!

Twenty-Two going on Forty

Friday, February 13th, 2004

I was trying to organize some things around here and I came across my old photo-albums as I often do, but this time it was different. Instead of looking at myself and thinking “wow you were fat then” or “girl did you have a bad hair-cut or what?”, this time I just looked at all of my pictures and thought, “wow I look old now”. I suppose that it is only natural that I begin to look older since “duh” I am getting older, but I feel like I look about 35. I can’t remember the last time I was actually carded for something. I can’t remember the last time I looked at myself in the mirror and actually felt like I looked sexy. The other day I was plucking my eyebrows using a little mirror and I detected some wrinkles on the corners of my eyes. That is possibly due to the fact that I rub my eyes a lot but its not just that. If I put on any type of shirt other than a baggy t-shirt, I don’t feel very perky (you know what I mean). Not that I was ever really perky, but whatever. Err. Maybe I just feel that I look old because I act old. I never really do anything these days. I work, I eat, I sleep, and I sit on a chair. Maybe winter is just really getting me down. I’m thinking of getting a fake tan just because I always feel healthier, spunkier, and hotter when I have some color. I don’t know what it is lately, but I don’t feel like I’m 22. I just feel gross.
Anyways, tomorrow is Valentines Day and guess what I’m doing! Come on, just guess! Yep. Working. All night long. I never work Saturday nights but a co-worker of mine asked me to switch shifts with him because he wants to do something with his girlfriend. Awww, how sweet. How could I say no? It would be selfish of me to say no since my Valentines Day plans include: sitting at home. Alone. Watching TV. Shoving unhealthy food into the hole in my face. Now I can make some money so I can go buy myself a Valentines Day present. I need a computer chair in the worst way. My computer chair is a wooden reject kitchen chair that I know for a fact is decades old. I want a nice, swively, cushiony, chair! They have one at WalMart for $35. It isn’t the nicest one in the world, but it will do. Cure that sore bum! Only $35! Hrmphh. I’ll probably opt to save my money in the case that I NEVER find a better job. Sorry bummy … tylenol works almost as well (and its a lot cheaper).

Dirty Laundry

Monday, February 9th, 2004

Today I hate this website and I hate movabletype. Yesterday I unintentionally spent the entire day working on this site and the only thing I accomplished was a massive headache from looking at weird html code all day. Errr. I sort of wish I could just go back and use Dreamweaver again for everything even though it is not as convenient. I can’t even edit anything in dreamweaver because nothing looks right. I hate stylesheets, hate hate hate. I tried to attach the stylesheet to my template in Dreamweaver, but no … itÂ’s still all skewed. I just want to press the delete button and kick myself in the face. Anyways! I am seriously finished with this site … now onto adding some things like pictures and whatever else? I haven’t really decided what to put on this website. Again … Anyways!

I have to shower so I can go to work and get smelly. Will someone please buy me a washer and dryer so I can do my laundry? The only thing I hate about living in this house is the absence of laundry facilities. It makes my life hell, especially since all of my clothes smell like fermenting orange juice and I have to bury them in my closet. I need a hamper, but I don’t really have anywhere to put one. I decided that maybe I should get a big bin with a lid to keep my laundry in, but then someone told me that dirty laundry needs air holes (hampers and laundry baskets have holes) or the clothes would just turn into a big heap of smelly moldy nastiness … now doesn’t that sound good? So I figured … what is the point of getting a hamper since the smell will just make its way out of the little holes into my sensitive nose. So … someone, please buy me a washer and dryer. Thanks.

About Damn Time

Friday, February 6th, 2004

I know that I have had this website up for a while and I apologize sincerely if I mislead anyone into believing that I would be posting anything on the site. It was my intention to post, however I was having too much fun building the website and I kind of forgot to write something here. I’m having a lot of fun with and I think I’m just about finished changing the layout/breaking it. I would probably be done now but the internet was dead here for a few days. I do not have anything to rant about right now, so we’ll leave this post short and sweet. So HELLO I’m alive, keep checking back for updates.