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Kind of Blah

Monday, October 28th, 2002

Monday, October 28, 2002

If you are hungry, insert your poop onto a stick, put it in the freezer, and in a few hours you will have some delicious poopcicles! If you are ugly, put your face in the blender and set it to puree. Your face will be mush, therefore ugliness will not exist, unless of course you think that mush is ugly. And who would ever think mush could be ugly!

Grrr … this weekend/week/life has sucked. I have a test tomorrow, whoo-hoppy-doo. I have not studied for it at all. On Friday, someone broke into Todd’s car in front of my apartment and stole his cell phone. On Sunday, Todd’s car became a crunchy peanut butter sandwich. He was in an accident, but he is ok – thank God.

In other shitty news, my cat is sick. He had an ear infection so he went to the vet. He is better now, but apparently he went insane because now he is ripping the hair out of his body. Hopefully it is just stress from being sick and having his body invaded by mean doctors. I hope he gets better because he is my Halloween kitty since he is black, and I am going home on Thursday.

Not much else to update – life is mega-sucky lately, mostly for Todd and I feel really bad but I guess there isn’t too much I can do about it, and that just makes me feel crappier.

Today my hair decided to turn back into a mop and stick straight up off of my head – just in time for Halloween. Hopefully it will go back to normal once I take a shower. I had it pulled up, so maybe that is what distorted it. Sometimes my hair is like a mold, I can just touch it and it does something. Other times, it is like a windy storm, and no matter what I do it looks like mangled seaweed. Oh well, for those of you have nice hair, be happy and don’t take it for granted. OR, cut it off, make it into a wig, and give it to me.

Fun Midterms time

Monday, October 21st, 2002

Monday, October 21, 2002

Grrr …. My brain is exploding. I just took the mother of all evil, cruel, and insane midterms. It was my Corporate Finance midterm, which I have been studying for like a mad woman for the last three days. After so much studying that I could no longer comprehend numbers, I decided to place the fate of my grade on luck. I decided to wear my grandma’s gold watch since wearing my silver watch for my last test did not promote miraculous events, since there were none. I bought pencils today, since I literally had to scrape together the 5 or so pencils I used just studying. But I completely exhausted my supply after digging all the ones I could find out of my backpack and around my bed. When I was picking out pencils to use for the test, I steered clear of the mechanical ones with white tabs. One very superstitious individual once told me that white lighters were bad luck, so today I decided white pencils were bad luck. I left very early for the test so I would get to class early and have time for some pre-test meditation. And it’s a good thing I left early because I still waited 20 minutes for a bus. I should have walked, but I didn’t think of that until standing at the bus stop for 15 minutes. So, I make it to my class, and everything is in place: gold watch, non-white pencils, my 2 lovely calculators … I’m as ready as can be. I think I must have been pretty nervous because when the teacher passed the tests down the aisle, I took the rest and passed one instead of taking one and passing the rest. So I am sitting there with about 5 tests in my hand … yeah I was so excited about the test that I wanted to take 5 of them! But I think my reliance on luck was somewhat generous to me because I am sure I passed the test. I think I actually did pretty well.

This week and last week have sucked a lot. I had a Financial Institutions midterm on Thursday, spent my weekend studying for my Corporate Finance midterm, and its not over. On Wednesday I have some lame project due for comparative politics, just assigned on Friday. It is stupid and I know it is going to take me hours upon hours to complete because it is like 50 questions and will require a lot of researching. Then I have a project due on Friday for Quantitative Methods and a test in there next Tuesday. Then, the month of November is papers and presentations. I think I have either a paper or presentation due in every class. And once that is over, it will be time for finals, and I will be DEAD. This week has just sucked and I don’t want to do any more thinking.

Setting aside all of the studying, my weekend was pretty good. On Friday, Todd and I joined in one another’s misery (we were/are both sick like dead fish). I can’t really even remember Friday. I think we just layed around and watched Nick@Nite. Saturday night, I went to Todd’s choir concert and it was very nice. Afterwards we went to Todd’s apartment and his parents invited me to spend Christmas, cabin-style, which I am really pumped for. I think that renting a cabin to spend the week of Christmas is a cool idea and I am excited about it. Of course I will have to be at my house for the actual day of Christmas, but they have the cabin for a whole week, so I am going to be an old-fashioned dirty cabin girl this Christmas. On Sunday, Todd and I went to eat lunch at Bruegger’s Bagels. The bagel was ok but I don’t think I want to go back there again. The girl rolled her eyes at me and was acting like a bitch and I didn’t even do anything. I guess she was having a bad day – or she was just a bitch. Whatever, she’s on my death list now.

The time Courtney ate maggots and Todd got mad cause I tried to buy butter

Wednesday, October 16th, 2002

Wednesday, October 16 2002

I’m sick and it is yucky! I have a cold and it is raging through my body like a ravage beast! I was a dandy healthy girl when I went to bed Sunday night. When I woke up Monday morning my cold was already at stage three of a normal cold. I never got a sore throat, stuffy nose – you know the warnings of a cold … noooo, I just woke up Monday morning and I sure was sick. I have to say, this cold ranks up there at being one of the worst ones I have ever had. And to top things off, yesterday I began to develop a cold sore on my lip, YUCKY. The only way to get rid of it fast is to kill it before it breaks through the skin. I have been putting my $13 dollar per .07 ounce tube of Abreva on it constantly and now at day 2 … well part of my lip turned white and it hasn’t broken through the skin yet … but I am not seeing signs of regression either. In better news, today I feel better. It is technically day three of the cold, but really it is day 6, since the first three days of my cold got lost and I just woke up in the midst of a terrible cold. I think someone switched bodies with me or something. Anyways, today I woke up and my nose was not stuffy and I experienced the feeling of hunger for the first time in three days. I still have stuff in me because I am coughing up stuff … but I think that my cold is either on its way out, or it is just taking a nap. Please be gone, PLEASE!

I have a midterm tomorrow and my studying plans for Monday and Tuesday were basically shot because despite the vast amounts of Theraflu and Robitussin that I was taking, comprehending anything more than 2 +2 = 4 was hard. Last night, I did manage to study 4 of the 12 chapters that my test covers but I kept spacing out and forgetting what I was doing. Then I thought I had everything down, and then I would get confused about something really basic, I was definitely feeling goofy. On Monday I almost forgot to get off the bus to go to class because I remembered that I left the coffee maker on and I was trying to think of a way to turn it off telepathically. I ended up stopping in the computer lab and telling Julie to tell Courtney that I left it on. On Monday I was sitting in my politics class, looking at an article that was in my binder, thinking “wow, this article would have been good for my politics paper, wonder why I have this article about politics for this class”. Oh wait, this is Politics! Seriously, my brain has been dead. Glad I’m not the only one that is crazy though .. Todd is sick too (we both woke up with mysterious sicknesses on Monday and were both not sick on Sunday) – weird, anyways – Todd told me that he was driving to school and forgot where he was going and didn’t realize that he had driven to Oakland like he was coming here. He turned around in S. Oakland though … good thing he didn’t get the whole way here and be like, “wait, what am I doing here at 8am?” That would have been pretty funny though.

Besides being sick and trying to super-cram for a midterm, my life is pretty boring. Courtney ate maggots the other day – they were in her crackers … yummy. I am keeping my stuff far away from her cupboard. I told my mom about it and she said that she should check all of her food because a few weeks ago some moths got into her food cupboard and laid little moth eggs. Well the moth eggs hatched into larvae and they were in everything – all the chips, crackers, pasta, and cereal. They keep envelopes in that cupboard too and they were all through the envelopes, eating the glue! GROSS. Oh yeah, my contacts finally came so I am not wearing my glasses anymore, yay – I have peripheral vision again! I went grocery shopping with Todd on Sunday night and he got mad at me because it took me too long to pick out butter. Sorry, I am a very selective shopper and I don’t just throw things into the cart as I walk down the aisles. So, I am not going to go grocery shopping with him anymore. I will just go by myself so I can take all the time I want to pick out groceries.

And looking to the future, I will be spending all day today and probably into the night studying for my Financial Institutions midterm that is tomorrow. Directly following the midterm, I must begin studying for my Corporate Finance midterm on Monday. It is going to be very hard because it is a lot of calculations/word problem type things, and they are all so completely different. I understand the concepts, I just have to practice doing problems. That will take up my entire weekend. On Saturday night I am going to see Todd’s choir concert, then I will most likely return and study more. Then after Monday, I have to start studying for my Quantitative Methods test, which is just a whole bunch more calculations/word problems … arghh. I am not too worried about that test even though I haven’t done any of the practice problems or studied at all yet. I got a 96 on my first test, so as long as I use the same study methods that I did for the last test, and hope that I understand everything .. I should be fine. After that I think it will probably be November, meaning I have a bunch of papers due and two presentations. After that, I might have about three days to once again cram for finals. And most likely I will be scheduled for another cold right around that time to completely fuck up my schedule. I sound like a big whiney baby, I know. But its all good because I feel not sick anymore, and I am going to kick major ass on my tests (hopefully). But its time to study now, bye!


Sunday, October 13th, 2002

Sun.October 13, 2002

I’m trying to get in the mood to write a paper on Totalitarianism in Cuba but it just isn’t happening. I’d rather write almost anything except this topic. Maybe if I just start typing I can do it … I don’t know. I have all kinds of articles and resources, but I just don’t want to write it.

And it is Sunday, yuck … I haven’t accomplished even half of the things I wanted to this weekend. I had fun on Friday though. I went to Todd’s apartment and met his friend Chris and her boyfriend Shane (I think that is his name). Todd cooked stir-fry and we all devoured it. I never had stir-fry before, but it was really good, despite the fact that I accidentally ate a broccoli stem and really wanted to spit it out, but I was polite and somehow managed to swallow it. After we ate, his friends left and we hung out and waited for his friend Dave and his girlfriend to come because we were going to a laser show at Carnegie Science Center. Dave came around 9:30 and said that we were going to meet his girlfriend and her friends there at 11. So I mentioned that I used to go to IUP and Dave said his girlfriend went there. Everyone knows someone who goes to IUP so I just was like “yeah I probably don’t know her”. Later in the conversation, it was mentioned that his girlfriend was from Kittanning, and after asking her name I learned that his girlfriend was none other than the girl that my ex-boyfriend had dumped me for. YAY! What a small world. And of course I knew her because Steve was an insensitive jerk who tried to bring her to my house so “we could all hang out.” So we get to the science center, I see girl, and she is like “you are so familiar!” So it’s revealed who I am and girl is so annoying and I want to kick her. She has to very annoyingly shout out to all her friends that “HEY! We went out with the same guy! Not at the same time of course! LOLOL!!!” Gay. Then she is like “OH MY GOD! So you know Matt Kachur, he is getting married to my BEST FRIEND Valerie!” Yay. Oh yeah, I think they got married this weekend, but I didn’t even put the two together until today. See, Dave was talking about how he had to go to a wedding with his girlfriend, and girlfriend is BEST FRIENDS! With Valerie who is marrying Matt. So maybe it was their wedding that they were going to. Too bad I wasn’t invited, sniffle sniffle. Anyways, the laser show was really good … I had the impression that it was going to be like one of the lame ones we used to see in high school, but it was definitely not. It was fun and I felt like I was on a roller coaster, and I want to go to laser shows every day!

I hung out with Todd for a little bit on Saturday night, and that’s about it. Now it is Sunday. I have to write a paper. I have a midterm on Thursday and another one the following Monday. I also have another gay Finance assignment due tomorrow but I already have that done. I am GOD. Well I have to go be cool now. Bye.

Return from my hiatus

Wednesday, October 9th, 2002

Thursday, October 9

Hello everyone, anyone? I am back again 😛 I guess a lot has happened in the last 2.5 months, but just the day to day blargh that I really cannot reproduce in one entry. I just got really sick of looking at my ugly webpage that was in serious need of reconstruction. I tried a few times to re-design it, but I just got fed up with it. I am terribly indecisive, always have been. I ruin everything I try to create. I always try to make things look perfect, but I just end up going too far and destroying them. So yesterday I was feeling kind of sick and didn’t feel like doing school work, so I just sat down and spent 3 hours re-designing my page, and I am done! What you see is what you get. It isn’t the best page in the world, but it’s a lot better than it was before. I just thought that pandas would be cute, and it always makes me feel non-pathetic. Like if I feel sick, I can say I am a sick panda. If I am sad, I am a sad panda. If I am happy, I am a happy panda. Even a dead panda sounds better than being just “dead”. It makes the whiney side of me seem justifiable if I just add panda every time I want to bitch or complain about something. So, there ya go – just think of a panda when I am being a poop head and you’ll still like me 🙂

So … I started at Pitt in August and next week is midterms already. Time has gone by so fast lately, its weird. Somehow it seems like it is going by faster than ever. I was just thinking about being in recitation last Friday and how I couldn’t wait to get out of my last class at 2:50 because that meant that it was weekend time. Now I can’t even remember the weekend and tomorrow is Thursday already. One more day and the weekend will be here again. Classes are going well though and I like Pitt a lot better than IUP. It isn’t really the classes, they aren’t harder or more challenging, I just like it here better. The people aren’t all faggots and the professors don’t try to be GOD … yet. Maybe I just have some cool professors this semester. At IUP, every semester there was at least one professor who had to constantly talk about his/her personal life and brag about how successful they had been. I feel like I have more control of my life here, really don’t ask me why. At IUP I just felt like I was living in this box and that I was trapped in a gay town with the yuckiest people all around me. The girls were either sorority beauty queens that wore make up to class in their pajamas or they were grossly obese girls that didn’t understand that wearing spandex halter tops only made them look fatter. The guys were all Abercrombie guys, seriously. The ones in the business school were totally lame. They all wore button up shirts, khakis, and loafers. Wearing a baseball cap was a serious fashion no-no. Their hair was always perfectly groomed, neat, and they usually wore way too much hair gel. Some of them even carried leather messenger bags like they were working on Wall Street or something. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever fit in being a Finance major. Most business majors were guys. All girls were either Accounting or Marketing majors. There were two other girls who were Finance majors and I hated them both. One was this ugly blonde slut and I wanted to kill her. The other one was fat and stupid. Yeah, I didn’t really like being one of 8 Finance majors there. It was kind of cool to be a small group, but then again it sucked. The business school here isn’t very big compared to other schools, but at least I know that there are more than 8 Finance majors. IUP made you feel like you were living in a community, a bubble, a nest. Here I feel like I am out in the open, more free, and more independent. I don’t feel like I am trapped anymore. Its just so much nicer here.

There isn’t much other news. I’ve been pretty busy with school work and Todd is still the best boyfriend in the whole wide world – he brought me a moose today and it is really cute. We can’t hang out much anymore because we are both busy – especially him, so we usually only see each other on the weekends. Its really good though because I have time during the week to get all my stuff done, and I have the weekend to really really look forward to. Before I met Todd, my life consisted of doing nothing all week because I had the excuse that I had all weekend to do it – because I had no life. Now I do my stuff during the week, stay busy, and have long relaxing fun fun weekends. So I swear I’m not lying that I will update more frequently even though it will be hard to update if I can’t use FTP anymore since it became gay. Oh well, see ya!