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The one where I have a boyfriend!

Thursday, May 30th, 2002

Thurs. May 30, 2002 4:06 am

Life is just great. I have a boyfriend WHOO HOO YAY!!! Yesterday didn’t start out so well, but the most wonderful boy in the world brought me this amazing dinner, so breathtaking that I will never be able to enjoy eating again without feeling a little disappointed.

Today I rode the bus downtown to Duquense to meet Todd at work. I was a little bit nervous about getting lost, but everything was fine and I made it there with a half hour to spare. I felt kind of proud of myself. I have a little bit more courage now, so I am going to start braving more bus trips I think. Todd and I went to the Ross Park mall so he could get his car fixed, but it ended up taking over 5 hours to fix his car, so we played in the mall all day and Todd bought me a tongue ring .. woo hoo. Last night I put a paper-clip through my tongue to see if there was still a hole, and today I just decided I wanted a tongue ring. It feels kind of weird and I don’t think I will try eating with it in unless I want to digest it again. We ate some very tasty chinese-japanese-something food at the mall which was very tasty, but paled in comparison to my feast of pork chops, potatoes, and rice from last night. I love eating real meals … I should try it more often.

After the insane day at the mall, Todd and I hung out at his apartment and he played his guitar and sang some beautiful songs. I never liked a boy that could actually do something cool … Todd can do a lot of cool things. I kind of feel boring around him because I don’t think I really have any special talents. I used to play the clarinet … maybe I will get it this weekend and play it. I doubt that would be very impressive since I haven’t played it in like three years and it probably disintegrated or rotted … I don’t even know where it is.

Well, I think I am going home for the weekend … and I plan to go to Walmart and steal a battery out of a phone there. They sell the phone I own at Walmart, but nowhere in the United States has the battery that I need for it. I paid like $50 for the phone, and I am starting to get irritated by the fact that I can’t find a battery for it.

Well I am very tired …. Goodnight!

The one with fake engagement pictures

Tuesday, May 28th, 2002

Tuesday, May. 28, 2002 – 1:25 AM

Last night Jaime, Jared, Brian, and Eric made an appearance at the apartment, and we had some fun fun fun. Jaime and Jared arrived and we bought some beer, played mall madness, and listened to Weezer. A while later, Eric and Brian arrived with more beer and we drank it. We took fake engagement pictures and played Taboo, which I think is a really fun game … especially when you are drinking. I am declaring Taboo the new group drinking game. Then the gang departed and Courtney and I watched the worst movie ever filmed as she snuggled on my butt … woo hoo fun …. grrr. We watched “About A Boy”. Don’t waste your time or money … don’t even waste your hard-drive space because this movie was terrible.

Brian & Courtney’s fake engagement picture. I don’t know why we thought these were going to look like engagement pictures. I suppose we were all pretty drunk.

Brian and me doing our thing, fake engagement picture style.

Eric and I posing for our fake engagement.

And last but not least, Courtney and Jaime posing … I don’t think this was supposed to be an engagement picture though … if so I guess Jaime forgot to put down her can of beer!

Courtney woke me up today at 11am to go play in the sun. Julie, Courtney, and myself went to Subway and got some sandwiches, and made our way to the cathedral to have a picnic in the sun. We ate and sat in the sun for a while … I got kind of sunburned and really didn’t feel that wonderful for the rest of the day. Regardless, I went on a cleaning frenzy, and I cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, and Courtney and I did a whole bunch of laundry. I was supposed to drink with Ashley and Kim today, but I wasn’t really feeling up to it after my fun Taboo night, and I had made plans with Todd to hang out.

I went to his apartment and he showed me his beautiful new couch and papasan chair (insert frowny face). I feel rather bitter towards those with papasan chairs because I have wanted one for a long time … I am deprived. I should just suck it up and buy one. Anyways, Todd taught me how to play chess today which was very cool because I always wanted to learn how to play, but the opportunity never came about. He beat me, but I think I did pretty good for the first game. I need to learn some strategies so I can be Chess Extraordinaire and kick butt.

When I came home, Courtney asked me to watch “The Sweetest Thing” with her, but I wasn’t really feeling up to butt snuggling, so I decided I should eat something even though I wasn’t really hungry. Once again, I ate pasta-roni, ate 2 bites, and felt deathly ill. Pasta-roni looks sooo good, doesn’t taste that bad, but secretly has death poison in it. I don’t know if I will ever be able to eat again, but its ok …. I’m not exactly wasting away.

Check Mate!!

My first post livin’ in da Burgh

Sunday, May 26th, 2002

Sunday, May. 26, 2002 – 4:30 PM

It has almost been a whole month since I have written anything new. So I guess I have a lot to say. The last time I wrote on April 29, I was a sad puppy in Indiana, PA … today I am a happy girl in Pittsburgh, PA. I guess a lot has happened in a month. Actually, I think more has happened this month than in the entire last year of my life.

On May 10, I moved to Pittsburgh with my two wonderful friends, Julie and Courtney. They already lived here, but I filled in as the new roommate. So far, everything is great. I am still unemployed, but I am hoping that I can get a job soon. Let me recap the major events that have happened since I have moved here.

Well I learned how to ride the bus … (all by myself) I can’t go anywhere far away yet, but I know how to get to campus, and I can get to Kim and Ashley’s apartment. Woo-hoo! After being here for only a few days, I met a really cute boy that I just adore. We have been hanging out a lot, and I think it is starting to get serious. It was very unlike me to do something crazy like this, but I am VERY glad I decided to be not-me that day because I really think that this going somewhere, and I like like like like him A LOT! YAY!!!!

I went to the Green Day concert yesterday … woo hoo hoo — I’ll post a recap of the concert in the events section soon.

Well I guess my life hasn’t been extremely eventful, but I am really happy here, and I think that things are definitely look up. The daily interaction of having roommates, the phone ringing and it actually being for me, meeting someone that I really connect with, watching movies with my roommates, summer just around the corner … I can’t remember when I was actually this happy about everything. I still have some getting used to, but I must say I think I have a lot to look forward to and moving here so far is the best decision I have ever made.

So, I’m back in action, and stay tuned for the daily updates of my no longer boring life … I will definitely keep you entertained with things other than eggrolls and Kirstie Alley (refer to April news). And check out the events section to see what I’ve been doing, and the events planned for this summer.

Chica-Whirly Doo chickle!!!