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The Gin Blossoms Concert

Monday, April 29th, 2002

Monday, Apr. 29, 2002 – 11:12 am

About five minutes ago, the world as I had once known it was taken from me. For reasons to be explained further down, I will never be the same, feel the same, or be happy with myself again. OK — I’m exaggerating, but I am now consumed with great unhappiness. So I called myself a Gin Blossoms fan. I was ecstatic all day Saturday, ready to relive the tunes from one of my favorite 1996 bands THE GIN BLOSSOMS. The legend, making a debut return to the stage at IUP after 7 years of disbandment, what more could a girl ask for!!!! I am glad that I did not find out the terrible news until today, or my take on the entire performance would have been soiled … just as it is now. I never really noticed the disappearance of the GIN BLOSSOMS back in the day. I was too consumed with my love for Green Day, and life was just great then. The Gin Blossoms glided into my life, and exited silently … I was unaware of the tragedies that had occurred. So now I will share my despair and announce my ignorance to this life-altering event with the rest of the world, anyone who is reading this and loves the Gin Blossoms …. in our memories, 1993 will never be quite the same.

In 1993, the band exploded on the scene with their buzz bin hit, “Hey Jealousy.” Everything was Stellar: The band was riding high on the success of its album New Miserable Experience; it was on tour with the likes of Toad the Wet Sprocket and Del Amitri, and they were planning a tour of their own. Then their world came crashing down when lead singer Doug Hopkins committed suicide in December of 1993, leading to the break up of the band. But after a few years of healing, the Gin Blossoms reunited with a new singer and are embarking on a national tour this summer.” — The Penn, by Jen Lucas.

I am not really sure I understand everything. At the concert, GB said they had been apart for 7 years, by calculation … 1995 would have been their year of demise. Ok, I just read that they disbanded in 1997. They had a CD out in 96, but the songs we all know and love are from the 1992 Gin Blossoms. So Doug Hopkins (deceased) was the singer for New Miserable Experience, and he also wrote and sang “Hey Jealousy” and “Found Out About You.” Robin Wilson … current lead singer, was the lead singer since 1992 — but he is not the guy who recorded the “New Miserable Experience” Album, however, GB was on tour for most of 94-95, and Robin was on that tour and has been the lead singer of GB since then. HERE is a link, this site is great, it has like 899 articles about Gin Blossoms, dating back to like 1987. Def a must for all you hard-core GB fans! So I guess it is still semi-original Gin Blossoms, but not really. OK UPDATE: Everything I just said was completely wrong, Robin was always the lead singer, the dead guy just wrote some songs and played guitar. Robin Wilson wrote Allison Road, which happens to be my fave GB song, so its all ok now!

Jamie and Julie livin’ it up in the rain at the Gin Blossoms concert!

Besides the shocking GB news, my day has been ok, although it is only 11:30AM. I terminated two classes today, which made me feel pretty good. I took my last Management test today … the class I have been struggling most with all semester. I needed an 82.6 on the test to get a B for the class …. and I am not really sure how I did. I think I did okay, and will hopefully get a B, but not 100% on that. The class is not really hard, and I do well on the math part of the tests, but I just don’t get the concepts or really know what I am doing. I have never really felt confused like this before, and I feel that I did not grasp the “big picture” in the class. Well, I am not a management major, and I did very well in my other management class last semester, which was Business Management. This class is Production and Operations management, and we learn about assembly lines and raw materials. I do not think I will ever be a supply manager, so as long as I get the business concept of management, and I have average knowledge of dumb management, I think I’m set for life!

I turned in my Physics paper today, and I also got my “estimated” grade, assuming I turn in a paper. I am 99.9% sure he is not going to read the papers, because he has to have them all back to us by May 3 — this Friday …. there is 60+ people in the class, and the papers were a minimum 10 pages. So my grade is a 95.3, so I am assured that I am getting an A, because I turned in a paper, and it has content. I should have gone with my intuition — filling 10 pages up with random letters, but there is a chance that he might look at it, so I actually wrote something. I did not mind because I like to write. It just makes me angry that I put effort into it, and people who didn’t will probably get the same grade. Whatever though, and A is an A and that is really all that matters.

Well, today is over — in terms of classes, and I have eliminated two from the stress-factor. I got a total of 3 hours of sleep because the insomniac monster has come back. He has been around for about 2 weeks now. For about a month I was sleeping like a normal person, I should have known better than to expect the pattern to endure finals week. I have to turn in my take home final for my Investments class tomorrow, and I am only about half done with it. I really underestimated the effort I was going to have to put forth to achieve correct answers. There is a lot of math on the test, and I am really unsure of how to do some of it. It is likely due to my poor attendance … but I seriously cannot get up for my 8am classes ….. especially during the periods of insomnia. I fall asleep between 4-5AM and it is coma time. I hear nothing — alarm clocks, phones, tornados, fires … all oblivious to me in my state of unconsciousness. I need to take a nap in the worst way, but I think I will work on some Investments until I can no longer breathe.

There was a tornado here last night and I hope it didn’t kill any more Gin Blossoms. I saw footage on the news last night of a house, some garages, and a barn that were destroyed in rural Indiana. Brian told me the Holiday Inn (where GB stayed) was damaged, but I have not heard any confirmation. I was really scared and had no power. It went out while I was studying last night and the wind was howling again. I was in fear of my life. But I’m alive. Viva la vida. It’s time to do some serious something.

The one where I rant about eggrolls

Wednesday, April 24th, 2002

Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2002 – 12:09 pm

Mmmm …… I just ate a very delicious egg roll that I purchased at the Chinese Hut. I just could not pass up the $1 satisfaction of a good juicy eggroll. It’s only noon and feel that I have been quite productive today … in fact I may just take the rest of the day off! NOT. I went to both of my classes, and turned in my article review for Physics. Any time I have a big assignment or or paper that is due, I never feel fully relieved until it is entirely shed from my body. There is just a final sigh of relief when I actually give it to the teacher. Maybe it is because so many things could happen to my magnum opus from the time I finish it to the time I turn it in. It could get swept away in a flood, destroyed in a fire, or eaten by an antelope!!! Well its not my responsibility anymore!

So what’s up with everyone asking me how to make a works cited page?? The other day it was Courtney, and today Mike in my Physics class wanted detailed instructions on how to make his reference page. It started out as “Do you know how to write a citation for a source from a book?” So I began to explain to him, and noticed that he was writing everything down. He really had no clue. Seriously … we all had to take our Lit courses, and it’s not that hard. He then proceeded to ask me how to cite journals, magazines and personal interviews. Do I look like a walking reference to these things? Apparently.

After my classes, I realized the the weather for the day had turned out to be much nicer than I had anticipated, and I found myself sweating from all the layers I was wearing. It was kind of cold when I left at 9am. Nonetheless, I strolled on over to the bank to do some bankly business … carrying my unneeded coat of course. The lady at the bank was like “Wow, this is the most checks I have cashed all week and they are all from one person!” Well, most of them are for like $2 so I don’t think it counts. I also cashed Brian’s check for the Green Day concert, and he had written in the memo “Green Day, Blink 182.” So the bank teller struck up a conversation with me about the concert and we talked about it for a while. Good thing she didn’t comment on the memo from the check that Jamie Kutsch wrote me … why you ask? Because she wrote “CRACK”. Whoo Whoo .. Green Day is exactly one month from tomorrow!!! I hate months.

On the way home, I decided to skip on over to the Chinese cart/hut outside the HUB and that is where I got my very delicious eggroll. Still not as good as Heritage Days Eggrolls, but at least it wasn’t some gross mystery meat eggroll. They are just vegetable ones, so I don’t have to worry about shrimp feces being in my chicken eggroll. Chickie Eggroll … I can’t wait for Heritage Days!!!! I think the Heritage Day eggroll people also distribute their eggrolls to the food hut at the Grove City Outlets, because I ate one there on the way back from Halloweekends at Cedar Point and my taste buds were saturated with Heritage Days nostalgia. It was so delightful!!!! So if anyone is going to be in the vicinity of Grove City, PLEASE get me 12 dozen eggrolls to tide me over until July.

My apartment is very nasty, and I really need a mop to clean my kitchen floor. I don’t even care at this point. I really need to vacuum because there is hole punch remnants and tostito crumbs all over my floor. I seriously think I will vacuum today … before bugs start eating the food on my floor. And I don’t want another mouse roomate … I’d better get on the ball before they sniff me out!

So .. I just realized that I am going to have like 4 days to do absolutely NOTHING!!! My education here at IUP is practically over on Monday. Yeah, the Monday in 5 days! I have a test and a paper due on Monday, and then I’m done … almost. Tuesday I have to turn in my take home final, and I will probably get most of it done today. And then NOTHING until Friday evening. I take my stupid final for my online class that day. Its seriously ruining my life. But its all good because I can work on moving out all week, and hopefully be totally moved out by next Saturday!!!

And I cannot forget the exciting Gin Blossoms Insanity on Saturday! Things are looking up … and I feel like dancing!

Well its time to go attack Brian and drink his white out, clean, take tests, watch my Soap Opera, and then fall into a coma. I’ll probably be up and full of vitality again around 10PM. Have a great day!!!


The one with the Dead Girlfriend

Monday, April 22nd, 2002

Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2002 – 1:48 am

Its Monday night, and I am going to puke if I have to write one more thing. This semester — correction, this week has been a writing intensive seminar leading to a passionate desire to kill someone. I have not felt like writing anything here because all I do is write. I have finally finished my Investments disaster. It is a grand total of 193 pages. No, I did not write that many pages. The part I actually wrote is only 24 pages, but the masterpiece includes articles, financial ratios, and annual reports. GREAT! So now that I have finished, I can concentrate on my next project: Physics Paper — 10 pages — subject?? I’m thinking biomass and ethanol production.

My kitty is sick 🙁 He has another blockage in his male area and will have to have a catheder and unhappy kitty life again. He is going to the vet in the morning. This is the second time he has had it this year. The vet says that it is because he is sensitive to magnesium in his food, and it creates a blockage in his urethra. The blockage prevents him from being able to go to the bathroom, and he will die from pee poisoning his body if he doesn’t get an operation. I feel really bad. He isn’t very old, and if it keeps happening, I don’t know what his outlook long-term will be. So say a little prayer for my kitty … I love him much.

So, other than being really stressed out and the news of my cat, life is great! So I saw Mr. Dave Earl and his crazy hair tonight at Sheetz. He told me that his ex-girlfriend just died in a car accident, and then he handed me this paper. I thought it was her obituary, but it was a flyer for a concert his band is having. Too bad I already have Gin Blossoms insanity booked during that time frame.

I have insomnia and I cannot sleep. I just want the semester to be over, I think everyone does. I can’t wait for finals week. I can’t wait to take tests! I have my management final this coming Monday, a take home final that I am getting tomorrow, a paper due on April 29, and one last final on May 3rd. Its not a bad semester for me. At least I don’t have like 5 cumulative finals in a row …. or three finals on the same day. I love it when that happens.

Happy Gilmore is a GREAT movie.

Peace Out —
Hippie Lova

The one with the ugly neighbor

Wednesday, April 17th, 2002

Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2002 – 6:21 pm

Once again, life has not been the most exciting thing in the world. I’m SOO tired right now. Too much sun and not enough sleep. Although I do feel that I am beginning to form some color on my body. Tomorrow is the last day to frolic in sunshine, so I think I will go to Mack Park and indulge in some rays. I got a little bit red today, but just my arms. I will wear some sunscreen tomorrow.

Yesterday I sat in the sun for a portion of the day, my ugly neighbor, who I seriously thought was retarded decided to strike up a conversation with me. She is actually very nice, but I think she is one of those people who will try to take over your life if you are too nice to them. She is beginning to remind me of Ron Liston, for those of you who don’t know Ron …. Ron rented an apartment from my parents, and the apartments happen to be right behind our house. Well Ron decided to reside on our front porch rather than his apartment. He was also a major freak, and he could be found sitting on our front porch 23 out of 24 hours of the day. He also began to use our yard as a used bicycle shop.

After sunshine I decided it was time to do some serious paper writing. I was getting all into it, and I had 5 word documents up, because I was copying and pasting stuff to print out, and then DEATH — the AntiChrist rose and destroyed my life. It was very ironic, that just as I was about to print my 5 unsaved word documents that I had spent about an hour copying and pasting pertinent information to, that Evil amongst all Evils decided to host a black-out party. And Microsoft Word should really prepare for instances such as this …. currently Word only auto-recovers a maximum of 2 documents.

So I sat on my porch and watched people kill each other at the 4 dead-light intersection. I was sure someone was going to wreck, and I would have to run to the rescue and perform emergency CPR. I was thinking of how famous I could become, if I inserted a straw into someone and brought them back to life. If you ever saw Nurse Betty you would know what I am talking about ….. and if you haven’t seen it, watch it!

I watched the Osbournes at Brian’s, and that was about all the time I spent there. I ventured back home to work on my term paper, and about about 2am, I became deliriuos, and began subtitling my sections with song titles such as “Should I Stay or Should I Go” and “So Happy together, so How is the Weather”. I decided that it was time to seriously let my brain die. So I went to bed.

Today was not much more exciting. I went to class, then I sat in the sun some more. Neighbor girl came and talked to me about needing money to get her driver’s permit, and trying to make dinner for her and her boyfriend with only some sauce and meat, and a little bit of noodles. That is all the food she has. I don’t know why I feel bad for her. I have less food. I can tell you exactly what is in my apartment. Pasta, sauce, Smack, really old cheese crackers, butter, kaluha creamer, coffee, and old celery. YUMMMY!

Around 3:30, Brian and I headed to the Park to relax in the sun, sporting some really cool matching bandanas. I still have mine on ….. in fact, I may never take it off. Then the bandana twins stopped off at the HUB so I could buy some dividers and a report cover for my report that is due tomorrow at 8am. I will never finish it. Actually, I have 19 pages done, and now I just need to come up with a really snazzy conclusion. Thank GOD. I want this to be over. But, my project for next week is a 10 page paper for Physics. I think I am doing it on alternative fuel, like Ethanol. FUN FUN FUN.

So, I just talked to my Grandma who is feeling rather depressed lately. She had a lumbar labectomy in January, and is still recovering from it. She is sad because she really can’t go anywhere and she has to wear a back brace. At least she takes my sjogren’s syndrome disease seriously, which is more than I can say for my mom. She is going to ask her rheumatiod arthritis doctor about it so maybe I will be able to get a referral to see her. But she also mentioned that my problems could be something called Addison’s disease. I am not sure what that is, so I will have to do some research. I’ll keep ya up to date with the haps. Well I’m off to see the Wizard.

later all,
Lucinda Sans

The one with the Wooden Meat Mallet

Sunday, April 14th, 2002

Sunday, Apr. 14, 2002 – 1:43 am

I am so tired right now, and I just really wanted to lay in my bed and enjoy some good old Cheers, but my somber mood just couldn’t take the intolerable Kirstie Alley tonight. I think I will supress my drive to watch Cheers, and save it for tomorrow night when the Norm-Athon is on. At least there will be some Shelly Long episodes on.

Anywho — I can finally see the end of the semester as a reality, however my procrastination hasn’t helped matters. I’ve been fervently working on my Investments term paper for the last two days. I have about 12 pages of it written now. Tomorrow is going to be another day, slaving away at the financial ratios, whoo-ha (you can’t hear me, but that is a very enthused whoo-ha). Yeah I’m a cow-girl.

So, Friday my friend Jamie came to visit, and we had some under 21 fun. While Brian and everyone else in the world was out celebrating something or other at Wolfendale’s or wherever, Jamie and I were sitting in my apartment making buttons. It was fun times though. I haven’t seen Jamie in a really long time. Brian came over to hang out for a while after his fun night uptown. We downloaded Ugly Kid Joe and listened to some Jimmy Eat World to pre-game for the Jimmy Eat World concert at PSU on Saturday. Of course I didn’t go, because I opted to stay home and calculate ratios all night.

So Brian left, and Jamie and I proceeded to act stupid until about 3am. Then a robber tried to break into my apartment. I was sitting approximately 3 centimeters from my front door, and someone opened my screen door and tried to open my big door. Jamie ran to the kitchen and grabbed my wooden meat mallet, and insisted that I open the door, but I was too scared. Then the person left, got in their car, and drove away. I wouldn’t have thought it was a robber, however, after the suspect attempted to open my door, finding it locked, the suspect did not knock. It would be different if the person was like drunk, went to the wrong house, and just walked in. That has actually happened before. But normally when you go to your friends, and the door isn’t open, you knock! Therefore, I have concluded that someone attempted to rob my apartment. My lights were on, but the robber wouldn’t have been able to tell, because my door is covered with a dark cloth, and you can’t tell if there is a light on inside my apartment. The reason for the cloth is to cover the taped up broken window in my front door … to deter any potential robbers. Although, I think a person would be pretty dumb to try to rob an apartment that is at a very busy intersection. But, then again, at 3am there wouldn’t be many sober witnesses to defend me if I had been robbed.

So, after the robber incident, Jamie and I decided it was time for bed, but I guess Jamie was a little freaked out by my apartment. I don’t blame her. It makes really loud noises sometimes. The house is pretty old, and i live above the basement of the house. The basement has insane pipes that rattle and explode all the time. Sometimes it makes my entire floor shake. I have pretty much tuned out the sound, unless its a loud one that causes my apartment to jolt. Well, I am a pretty heavy sleeper, but in the middle of the night there was a jolt and it woke Jamie up. She looked around and saw my coats hanging on the coat rack, thinking the robber was in my room and mistaking the coat for a person! I must admit, it is kind of scary here …. even when you aren’t alone.

Saturday, I woke up around 9:30, after sleeping for like .2 seconds. I wasn’t tired though, and I knew I had a big day so I had to wake my ass up. My parents came up around 11:30, and we went out to lunch. I was happy to eat a real meal, and I indulged in a turkey club sandwich. Then we went to the mall, where my mom proceeded to ponder over every single book in Waldenbooks. She still had the gift card I had bought her for Christmas, but she couldn’t find a suitable book. She was too upset by the fact that the book she wanted hadn’t come out in print yet. Then we went to K-Mart to inspect all the pens there. She is determined to find some kind of Nickelodean Ooze Pens. She is obsessed with gel pens …. she’s insane.

For the remainder of the day, I calculated more financial ratios and made myself insane. I feel so tired and unable to think right now. I just want to go to bed and pray that tomorrow doesn’t come for a reallly long time. Maybe I will set my alarm clock to go off periodically throughout the night so I don’t sleep the whole night, wake up in the morning, and become utterly depressed that I have to get up. I don’t usually wish tomorrow wouldn’t come, but when you know that you have a lot to do, you just want sleep to last forever. I used to feel that way in high school a lot. I NEVER wanted the morning to come. Sometimes I would even cry when I got up because I just wanted to go back to bed. I have always had trouble getting moving in the morning, but I have gotten much better about it. I have to be up every day of the week by 7:00 or 8:00, of course not by choice, but at least I don’t cry anymore. And at least I don’t sleep until 6PM like some people.

Well thats all folks. I am very tired, and I think I am going to cuddle up in my leopard chair and watch 40 Days & 40 Nights on my computer.

Good Night 🙂

The one with the secret Gin Blossoms Concert

Wednesday, April 10th, 2002

Wednesday, Apr. 10, 2002 – 11:39 pm

My day was going pretty well up until now. See, my online teacher for my Information Systems Mgmt. class is a wench, and I hope she gets killed. Here I have copied and pasted her calendar entry regarding our final:

FINAL COMING MAY 3rd. Read NOW!!! – posted by Dr. Louise B. Burky (IMFG300LB)

The Final exam for this course will be held Friday MAy 3rd in Eberly Auditorium at 7:45 p.m. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN TAKE THE FINAL, SO PLAN YOUR LIFE ACCORDINGLY. The exam is mandatory. The only excuse will be presentation of your death warrant in advance! There will be no excuses accepted, makeups or other irregularities of any kind. If you do not attend, you will receive a zero for the exam. You will be emailed topics to study as before. The exam will include multiple choice questions AND essay questions about the content I have emailed you in the course of answering weekly questions.

First of all, this is a Friday night, and second of all she had mentioned that it was probably going to be an online test, and then she just sends us this. WHATEVER!

SO anyways, besides the fact that I am really pissed off, before this point I had a pretty good day. Lets see, I started my day off by going to class, then I went on a tour of the Cogeneration Plant. For those of you who don’t know, the Cogeneration plant is a facility that provides all the electricity and heat for the IUP campus. I got to wear safety glasses and ear plugs. It was pretty cool until the molten steaming mud started attacking me. Molten steaming mud you say!!?? Well, we were outside the COgen plant, and there were these men doing something underground. There was a huge hole in the ground and steam was rising from it. Then I saw the shovel master truck scoop a large chunk of steaming mud out of the ground. THEN ….. the mud started flowing towards our group. I mean seriously, the mud was bubbling, and came within centimeters of my feet! WoW!

Well, after the COgen tour, I came home and took a nap. I woke up around 4 and went outside only to find that summer had arrived! It was HOT! Then 2 seconds later, Brian came, and we went in search of the Chinese woman that sells food outside of the HUB. We found her, but we were too late, and all her food was gone. Brian, still craving Chinese decided to go to China King, where we both indulged in some GOOD Chinese food.

I came home, and realized that I needed laundry detergent to do laundry, and so I went to Giant Eagle and got a huge tub of laundry detergent for a smashing deal of $2.99. That’s a pretty good price for Giant Eagle, the store that doesn’t even sell spaghetti sauce for under $1.89.

I also decided to start packing to move today. There is a large amount of junk in my kitchen now, and there is no room to walk anywhere. I just kind of stopped a few hours ago, when my friend Jamie messaged me. I haven’t seen/talked to her in a long time, and we were planning a reunion. Also, I would like to congratulate her on her new job as a Financial Sales Representative, and her soon to be new freedom.

I was also informed that IUP is apparently trying to keep the Gin Blossoms concert a secret, because the Penn got in trouble for the secret message they put on the back of Weds. paper, which was a bottle of Gin, a plus sign and a picture of a Blossom. What the hell?? IUP could really put themselves on the map nationwide by announcing this wonderful concert!!!! WHATEVER. I suck, and have to do laundry. BYE

The one with the CrossXRoads Mugs

Sunday, April 7th, 2002

Sunday, Apr. 07, 2002 – 5:56 pm
Well I am finally making this my webpage. After about 8 other unfinished pages, I have finally decided that it is time to actually finish one. The others have broken links and every time I read my info on my page I think it is stupid, so I proceed to change everything, spending yet another 15 hours of time, and making it worse than when I had started.

Well this is the place that everyone gets to read about my fantastic life that you wish you had, so here I go:
Well, I’m still here at IUP. I’m going to make a construction paper chain like we did in elementary school, counting down to the last day. In May I will be moving to Pittsburgh with my two very favorite friends, Julie and Courtney. I’m very excited. I don’t really know what I will do this summer. Maybe I will get a job, but I don’t know where. I suppose I could just expand my button enterprise, but I might get lonely all day because Julie and Courtney both have jobs for the summer.

Yesterday, Bri Bri and I ventured down to Pittsburgh for some fun. Me, Brian, Julie and Courtney ventured to the supposed “Big Bash” but it wasn’t very entertaining, so we went to Joe Mama’s for some good food. My slab of meat and home fries were very good. Then we went to Crossroads so Brian and I could partake in the Mug Prophecies. We both bought 54 oz. mugs, so now me, Brian, Julie, Nate, and Courtney all have mugs. I am still waiting for the mug to do something. Well, while in Crossroads, I was trying to get the lid off to fill it up, and it mangled my finger….I’m not impressed yet though.

After the mug purchases, we went to the cool apartment and played a 98 degrees type game for eternities, and then Julie, Nate, and myself played Scattergories while Courtney and Brian made a cake! Then we all (excluding Courtney, who sat in her room), played Duck Hunt and Mario Cart. It was fun times! I can’t wait to live there, not that we will play fun games every single night, but at least it will be a lot more fun than the death I live now.

Now I’m hungry, so I think I will make some sgetti and study for my test I have tomorrow until Cheers insanity comes on!
Cheers 1st episode, and 3 part last episdoe ever!! Watch tonight on N@N starting at 10:30!!!!